I Couldn't See You

from by McFabulous



In another life, I had a heart that burned all night and day
It was searching for another who could teach it to be tamed
I believed only perfection could chase my loneliness away
but perfection isn’t real, it’s just a silly game we play

You would come to me and visit on a cold and windy day
And the warmth of joy and laughter chased those winter’s blues away
But summer came and turned my young and restless heart away
I couldn’t see you until today

You probably thought me heartless and unkind
The truth is I was foolish young and blind
I should have stood beside you but instead
I’m responsible for every tear you shed

Well it seems that you’ve moved on and built a life without my love
But on all these lonely nights I find it’s you I’m dreaming of
I regret the way I left you, and I’m so ashamed to say
I couldn’t see you until today.


from BenFM, released April 28, 2017


tags: pop Chicago


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